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24 Port POE Network Switches

PoE (power over Ethernet) switches are a cost effective solution for powering a range of network connected endpoints, including (but not limited to) wireless access points, surveillance video cameras, and more. As the name suggests, they supply power for up to 24 devices at a time (or fewer higher powered devices). The purpose of the switch is to reduce the need for physical cabling of networked devices, as well as improving overall system performance. Using your choice of monitoring software, you’ll be able to see just how efficiently the switch is operating and how it’s being utilised.

We supply PoE network switches to Sydney based organisations for a range of purposes, from monitoring to videoconferencing. Advanced switches use special traffic shaping mechanisms to prioritise data flow between different inputs – for example, cameras vs microphones – to ensure clarity of communications. Those glitches and delays on Skype meetings? A thing of the past! They’re also good for boosting mobility and maximising floor space in environments where, for example, staff are using tablet devices around the premises to access shared resources. At ICTOne, we stock a select range of 24 port PoE network switches from industry-leading brands including Cisco, D-Link, Linksys and more. We can supply and install switches on their own or as part of an overarching network IaaS. We’ll look at your practical needs to see which switch would best meet your needs, as there are a variety of models with different technical capacities including stackability for scaling.

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