Power of Google Analytics

In today’s digital world, it is very important for a business to keep a constant track of its online activity. Business Analytics from your website, social media pages and blogs helps you create content that specifically caters to your target audience. This is where Google Analytics presents itself as a valuable tool. Google Analytics provides your business with a tonne of information about activity on your websites or blogs. This information provided by Google Analytics will help us do better for your business. Here’s how.

Understanding website visitors’ activity


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Google Analytics tells you the number of visitors your website gets every month, breaking it down to weekly, daily and even hourly reports. You have access to information that allows you to see which part of the world you receive this traffic from. Analysis of this information gives you a clear idea about the activity on the website and will help you strategize better while creating content focussed to your consumers.

Knowing which page your traffic landed on first will tell you how well your site is optimized. If they’re landing first on your testimonials page, re-optimizing your home page will be a solution to help it get more traffic.
An interesting insight that Google Analytics offers is that it tells you how your visitors got to your website. Did they reach you through a social media page like Facebook? Or did they reach you through a link on a blog? Knowing where your traffic comes from will help you to refocus your marketing strategy. This helps you specifically focus on channels that get you the most traffic.
Analytics will even provide you with particular keywords used by your visitors when looking you’re your website. These keywords can in turn help you draw more traffic to your website.

Source of website visit


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Understanding the content that draws traffic


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Having Google Analytics helps your business understand which sort of content attracts your audience and which doesn’t. Along with this, it helps you measure the amount of time a visitor spends on each webpage. This information is valuable for your business as it helps you design content that keeps your visitors hooked on.
Google Analytics is an extremely powerful way for businesses to set themselves up for success and understand their user demographics and behaviours. This data is essential in creating a site experience designed to maximize conversions and to leverage this data across many marketing channels for further success. Gathering the right business intelligence is needed in making important business decisions.

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