Professional Services

Here at ICTOne, we provide both small and mid-sized businesses with assistance when it comes to identifying and addressing areas that provide the best opportunities in terms of profit improvement.In the business world, productivity is everything. It’s critical to ensure processes are streamlined and efficient, however making this happen is easier said than done –by now, you’ve probably realised this!

Today, businesses are faced with significant pressure when it comes to managing their profitability. It’s easy to know where you should be – however getting there is another thing altogether. We understand that for IT managers and small business owners, analysing profit drivers is not necessarily a skill you’re equipped with – you’re concerned with making sure that the work gets done! Only a relatively small percentage of businesses actually utilise their profit drivers to identify and address ways to improve efficiency; for most, it’s a case of it being in the ‘too hard basket’. The appeal of your products or services influences both the performance and the profitability, as does the sales volume. Any fixed and variable costs involved also need to be considered. ICTOne can review and address your profit drivers in systematic fashion, improving business practices and boosting profits. Looking to boost the efficiency and profitability of your business or department? ICTOne can provide you with a solution that not only saves you money, but actually makes you money! For all your IT and communications consultancy needs under one umbrella, there’s no better company to call.

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managed services

Managed Services

The IT industry is constantly evolving, and therefore businesses need to review and improve processes and strategies accordingly – otherwise you risk being left behind! At ICTOne, we can help you move with the times. We provide a wide range of managed services designed to match the needs of small to medium sized businesses.

Our value-for-money services utilise the latest industry platforms, ensuring a superior service. Would you like to:

  • Know how your business or department stacks up in comparison to industry standards?
  • Find out how you and your team are performing certain tasks, via easy-to-understand reports?
  • Find out what customers really think of you, and your competitors?
  • Learn why some things work, while others don’t?

Whether you’re a small business or a department, it is important to ensure you are keeping up with others in the industry. Get maximum results for the right price. ICTOne can help you move with the times by providing you with the managed services you need to succeed.

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Make sure your data is safe and secure with ICTOne. Cloud computing models vary – there are many different models available on the market today, and the trick is to choose the one that best suits the requirements of your business or department. There are two main models available, known as the public cloud and private cloud.

The public cloud model stores your data, and works as a service via the public internet in a standardised, self-service and pay-per-use way. This model offers greater flexibility for standard infrastructure, and very competitive pricing. However, the concern is that many businesses do not know where their data is stored. On the other hand, the private cloud model is usually a better choice when data sovereignty is important. This model allows data to be stored on your business premises, or co-located in a data centre, providing the highest control over data and business applications. The private cloud model also gives internal IT departments stronger administrative capabilities, allowing them to perform critical tasks more efficiently without interruption. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Businesses and IT departments may decide to combine computing models to meet their needs. At ICTOne, we can liaise with you in order to find a setup that suits your specific requirements – whether you need something to complement your current system, or are looking to implement a new system from scratch. We have competitive bundles designed to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes, allowing us to provide you with a service that delivers the results you need – at the right price!

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Business Intelligence

ICTOne, we are the experts when it comes to business intelligence. We help you implement world renowned technological platforms that allow you to determine what’s working and what’s not it’s that simple.

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