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VoIP phone systems for Sydney offices

Most service-based businesses have a significant need for both internal and external telecommunications. Whether it’s making outbound and inbound sales, placing customer service calls, taking queries or carrying out functions of the service itself, reliable phones are a must. Unfortunately, analogue phones often don’t have the features and functionality necessary to operate in a sophisticated manner (virtual switchboards, etc.). They also come with significant running costs – call costs are often high, even with business plans from affordable telcos. That’s where VoIP phone systems come in. 

For the uninitiated, VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. In other words, the data is transmitted by an internet connection. This makes call costs much lower, especially when it comes to international calls. In addition, numbers can often be ported as long as the proper IP connectivity is in place. 

ICTOne can also assist you in creating advanced VoIP solutions for your Sydney premises, such as integrated systems including software with functions such as click to call (handy for high-volume environments), voice to email, speed dialing, call forwarding and more. We will look at the way you currently use your phone systems, as well as identifying needs that aren’t being met by your current system. ICTOne is able to provide a variety of handsets and terminals from industry-leading makes and models.

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Importance of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems are a revolutionary technology which has the potential to replace the traditional phone systems entirely. What makes VoIP so attractive for businesses?

Business VoIP solution are significantly cheaper as compared to traditional phone services and can also reduce your upfront capital expenditure.

However, that’s only the beginning! VoIP provides flexibility to traditional landlines by allowing your employees that are based in different locations to essentially work as if they are all in the same location, being able to see who’s at their desk and seamlessly interact using multiple IP based platforms like email, messenger, voice and video with one or multiple colleagues and clients at the same time becoming a full collaboration tool improving productivity, attracting a greater talent pool and increase work-life balance for your staff, which in turn delivers greater staff retention for you and better customer experience to your clients.

Additional features that you have access to under VoIP phone systems is more robust than traditional phone providers. All the basics like conference calling, voice mail, internet faxing are present but VoIP solutions systems also often supply advanced features like virtual receptionists which means you can have your Melbourne calls answered on your VoIP solution in Sydney or the call directed to the most appropriate person in your business regardless of location, reducing number of touches of the from your staff and getting the right person the first time for the caller.

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Business Telephone Systems

At ICTOne, we understand that each business has different communication requirements. Service-based businesses operating in an office environment may have high-volume needs, dispatch and remote management offices need high call quality and monitoring, and other businesses may need custom software integration solutions. We work with SMEs from a range of different industries and backgrounds to bring them the best business phone systems Sydney has to offer.
When we work with you, we’ll take a close look at the way you currently use your phones, as well as investigating your projected future needs. Management and other stakeholders will have plenty of opportunity to set parameters for any new infrastructure and software.

Our experts are also great at identifying hidden needs and opportunities when it comes to VoIP technology and telecommunications software. Essentially, we offer a results-based service; our system design is based around what you want from your ideal business phone systems. Whether it’s reduced costs, improved accessibility, better call tracking, or any other requirement, we’ll make it happen. We partner with leading designers and manufacturers to bring you the best individual phone models and accessories. 

ICTOne can provide advice, design and installation on business telephone systems as a one-off service, or as part of an ongoing managed IT relationship. When you partner with us, you get access to a broad suite of networking and communications expertise. Our service can grow with your business; you may choose to upgrade from a basic VoIP system to a more sophisticated custom setup as your requirements change.

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